We started with Excel, then had a tailored made application compiled in Delphi but neither was satisfactory. We could not share the information between colleagues on either platform and we could not change any process on Delphi for weeks as every new thing had to be outsourced, with lots of delays and cost.

It all started casually when one of us started creating basic processes on it. As the processes were being rolled out in a matter of minutes, it became obvious that TeamDesk was not something to be casual about. It was very powerful. We started with creating tables with information about the vessels aboard which we manage telecoms. Then we thought, why don't we add other processes as well? So we added the traffic, our buy contracts and sell contracts and then value added services, then support cases, then technical cases then sales cases…. It had become obvious that TeamDesk was going to be our long sought solution. Everything was rolling out so fast, so easily and tweaks were being made on the spot.

Although learning TeamDesk programming is easy for someone with basic programming skills, it is possible for this roll out to be flawlessly correct without TeamDesk help and support. It must be noted that their help is continuous, and first class. We could not have rolled out so much in so little time without their contribution. Really amazing service.

Imagine rolling out your business processes in zero time, being able to modify in split second, have the information available for everyone (as it's a web application), nothing to download, nothing to upgrade (it's all done by them), efficient and very fast support to help you with every enquiry you have. This is TeamDesk. Furthermore it seems to have every perk you may think of already available. Sending emails as part of your processes, creating word documents using data from your data are just but a few of the really useful processes TeamDesk offers. This is well complemented with the best support team we have come across as a result offering an unbeatable solution for most business needs.

Baret Kay
IT and Finance
Baret Kay