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Charitable Organization

Recently we’ve added Charitable Organization application template. This preconfigured web-based application provides churches, charitable organizations and other non-profits with a centralized searchable enviroment to track donors and donations, and issue receipts.

Ability to create Timeline View

Recently we’ve added the ability to create Timeline View for your TeamDesk application. A timeline is a graphical representation of records that have a start date and an end date in relation to time. The Timeline View allows you to track items as they occur over the course of a period of time. This is…

Record Picker

When you create a relationship between tables TeamDesk offers a drop-down to let users choose a record from the master table. It works well for relatively small number of records, but not convenient for tables with thousands of records. Now you can use the "Record Picker" (separate window with an ability to search) rather than…

Views and Tables enhancements

TeamDesk has been enhanced with the following new features: Views enhancements: Views may be exported into Microsoft Excel or in CSV format. You may switch view to a printable version. Views may be sent via email. Ability to hide auxiliary tables.

“Many-To-Many” relationships and two column form layout

TeamDesk has been enhanced with the following new features: Ability to create two column form layout to view/edit table records. Tables relationship enhancements: "Many-To-Many" relation with the ability to create summary columns and detail list on both sides. Ability to specify additional match conditions for "Master-Detail" relationship. Ability to alter the detail list name. Ability…

Ability to create Chart View

Recently we’ve added the ability to create Chart View for your TeamDesk application. The following chart types are available to analyze your data: Horizontal Bar Horizontal Bar – Grouped Horizontal Bar – Stacked Horizontal Bar – Stacked to 100% Vertical Column Vertical Column – Grouped Vertical Column – Stacked Vertical Column – Stacked to 100%…

Ability to create Calendar View

Recently we’ve added the ability to create Calendar View for your TeamDesk application. Deadlines, action items and other time-sensitive details of your application may be displayed on an easy-to-review calendar pages for the coming weeks and months. Create Calendar View for your application and make TeamDesk even more robust.