There is a number of limitations when using <ask the user> option in view’s filter and in today’s release we’ve tried to address some of them.

1. If user provides no value, the part of the criteria is ignored. Yet, checkbox has two states, either checked on unchecked and therefore it was not possible to ignore its state. Now <ask the user> for checkboxes renders three-state dropdown with —Any—, Yes and No options.

2. If you set up the view’s filter to <ask> for lookup column we were rendering simple edit box for user input. Solution is simple, yet effective for many scenarios.

But what if you need to display a dropdown? In this case you might need to create a dummy column with proper list of choices.

Now TeamDesk takes it one step further. We are tracking all columns along the lookups chain to find "final" column and display input control according to this column’s settings. That’s if you are <ask>’ing for lookup that refers to (lookup referring to…) text/numeric column with choices, or user column, or the column referencing another table, we’ll display drop down box instead of simple edit box.

This might be useful in a case when you need to select, say, all Contacts belonging to Companies having particular Status – and the Status is determined for user input.

To take advantage of new functionality simply open and re-save the view.