This week we’ve implemented a “Delete Record” workflow action that would allow deleting related details along with the master record.
“Delete Record” action makes the setup quick and easy.

Let’s take the “Invoicing” database example where each Invoice is related to multiple Items. For instance, you need to delete an Invoice record all together with the Items related to this Invoice.

Invoice Record

Three easy steps to set it up:

1. Add RecordSet column to the “Invoices” table to keep the set of items related to invoices. So, the RecordSet column concatenates identifiers of related details.


2. Configure Record Change Trigger to initiate Items deletion when an Invoice record is deleted.
Mark “Deleted” checkbox in the trigger settings.


3. Add a “Delete Record” Workflow Action to the newly created trigger.

Delete Record Workflow Action

In the action configuration form, you may fill in the Action Name and select the RecordSet column you previously created.

Action Settings

Don’t forget to save the changes.
As the result, when an Invoice is deleted, the related Items are deleted automatically.
You may add a similar Delete Record action to your database right now!