If you deal with significant structural updates, you would prefer not to expose partial changes to end users until the project is complete. To address this we have introduced the database development branch.

Create Development Branch

The goal is to hide changes from end users until you’re done with the work. The branch is a copy of the original online database, while both share the same physical data. You can do (almost) any changes in the branch. When you’re done, you can promote changes to an original database. TeamDesk doesn’t combine changes – you can either accept all changes from the development branch, overwriting changes in the original database or you can keep the original database unchanged.

Promote Development Branch

Data sharing will imply certain restrictions however. You won’t be able to modify uniqueness or requiredness of the columns in the shared table (these restrictions won’t apply to new tables). The system will also disable periodic and time-dependent triggers and notifications on shared tables in a development branch and re-enable them when changes are promoted.

The following steps are needed to work in the Development Branch mode:

To create Development Branch go to the Setup > Database > Create development branch

To promote changes go to the Setup > Database > Promote development branch

If you don’t want to promote the changes, just delete the Development Branch. In this case the original database will not be changed.

More details are described in Development Branch help documentation.