We’ve enabled embedding chart views into generated TeamDesk documents.

From now on, when chart view is used to display details, following merge field code is generated:

{ MERGEFIELD Detail_Name/* }

This will act as an instruction for us to generate the chart in native Microsoft Word format.

By default, chart will have size corresponding to view’s settings. To control the size you can add #ps suffix after the slash-star in MERGEFIELD code to specify chart’s desired size. The suffix accepts either one number to specify square bounding box or two numbers separated by “x” to specify rectangular bounding box and the unit of measurement – either in, cm, mm, pt or px.

Since charts are generated on the fly, we’ll fit the chart to dimensions you have specified exactly. There is one special case, however: if you specify 1 as height this will act as a signal to “fit width and calculate height” according to view’s aspect ratio. Same technique works for another dimension as well.