An embedded eSignature is a vital option that helps streamline e-signing documents generated by your online database. Signing documents electronically allows to establish completely paperless legal procedures, as long as eSignature provider credibility is widely recognized.

TeamDesk selected HelloSign as integrated eSignature provider because of its wide recognition and sufficient API capabilities.

The following sample database demonstrates an eSignature integration mechanism that may be implemented in your database. Let’s explore this mechanism and make it work for you.

Please follow the link below to explore the HelloSign Integration template:

Example: HelloSign Integration Database

First of all, you would need to register with HelloSign if you haven’t already: and then generate a key on their API screen:

Now you’ll be able to engage HelloSign API to connect your TeamDesk online database with HelloSign eSignature.

Inside HelloSign-TeamDesk integration mechanism:

1. As the first step, enter your database Setup mode, click Database tab, follow Variables link and add a new variable. Name this variable “HelloSign API Key”, for example and enter the key generated for you by HelloSign into this variable “Value” field.
If you are exploring our sample, please edit “HelloSign API Key” variable and replace sample key with your HelloSign-generated key.

Variable for eSignature

2. Exit sample database Setup mode and check eSignature functionality.
Select the “People” tab and add the list of people whose signatures may be requested during the document approval process.

People who can add eSignature

You can add as many people as needed.

3. Now open the “Documents” tab and create a record containing a document to be signed. People needed to sign the document should also be selected in the record.

Document record

4. When the “Document” record is saved, the “Send To Sign” button appears on the record form.

Send eSignature request

5. When a user presses the “Send To Sign” button, each person specified in the “People” field will receive an email notification with a request to sign the document.

eSignature email notification

6. When the recipient presses the “Review & Sign” button, the document comes up.

Review & add eSignature

After reviewing the document, the recipient presses “Get Started” button to start the eSignature process.
On the “Signature page” the recipient presses “Click to sign” button to write, type in or upload his/her signature.

Click to sign

7. Pressing the “Insert” button embeds the signature into the document.

Insert the eSignature

8. The next screen allows to edit the signature if necessary.

Edit eSignature

9. Pressing the “Continue” button brings the signed document for review.

eSignature is added

10. Pressing the “I agree” button concludes the document e-signing process.

Thanks for eSignature

11. While the document waits for all the signatures, the document record in your TeamDesk database has “Waiting” status. Furthermore, two additional buttons: “Resend” and “Query Status” are available on the document record. The first button allows to resend the request, which is helpful if some people missed the email notification. The second button allows to query the current document status.

The Status will be queried automatically within one hour by time-dependent trigger. Pressing the “Query Status” button updates the status instantly.

Query Status

12. When the document is signed by all parties, the notification is sent to all participants (the ones who created the document and the ones who signed it).

eSignature Collected

13. Now, the document record status is changed to “Complete”. In addition, the “Download Signed File” button appears on the document record form.
This button allows downloading the signed document from HelloSign.

Download Signed Document File

14. When the “Download Signed File” button is clicked, the signed document file is downloaded from HelloSign and instantly uploaded into your TeamDesk database Document record in PDF format.

Even if a user won’t click on the “Download Signed File” button, the signed document will be automatically downloaded from HelloSign and uploaded into your TeamDesk Document record within one hour.

File Downlaoded

Please follow this link to explore described HelloSign Integration template if you haven’t already. You can either reproduce described eSignature functionality in your database manually or merge this template with your database to add this functionality instantly.