As many small businesses had to shrink or cut their expenses because of the pandemic, we are pleased to provide a tool that has helped many to go on. Thank you for all the ideas that help us grow and improve.
We wish you to succeed and prosper in the upcoming year 2023!

During this difficult year as the war goes on in Ukraine, we appreciate all the kind words and donations to Ukrainian Armed Forces and volunteer organizations. Over $20,000 were sent to Come Back Alive fund, and TeamDesk doubled this amount.

We are always here for you to help, advise or assist you when getting started or advancing your databases.

It is challenging and inspiring for us to grow together with our customers.
And here we want to share how we changed and improved throughout this year:

Check out the Single Sign-on improvements. You can find much more details in our blog!

We are delighted to say that TechRadar named TeamDesk as one of the three best database platforms of 2022. Yay!

TechRadar consistently names TeamDesk among the three best database platforms, and this year TeamDesk shares the pedestal with the most recognized powerhouses of the database world, such as Microsoft Azure and Oracle.

Google Calendar synchronization: with the addition of webhooks and iterators we can handle two-way synchronization using solely TeamDesk built-in tools.

DocuSign Integration is now available in TeamDesk.

To allow automating import tasks we added CSV support to Call URL and Webhooks.

Another amazing tool to increase Teamdesk performance and help our customers improve their database architecture is our new performance profiler.

This is probably one of the most wanted features. We are happy to announce that we have finally enabled record navigation with Prev and Next buttons on the record preview page, Save and Next buttons on the record edit page, and Save and New buttons on a new record page. Enjoy!

These are just a few highlights of this year.

In the coming 2023, we’ll continue adding new functionality to TeamDesk to keep it ahead of the competition and make the platform as robust and intuitive as possible. User interface redesign is on the way, stay tuned.

We wish you, as well as your families and colleagues, a very happy and healthy holiday season and peace, happiness, and prosperity in the coming 2023!

With love,
The TeamDesk Team.