While ago we’ve added context-sensitive help text blocks to appear as a drop down just under the tab bar in Setup mode. Today, we have extended TeamDesk to allow you to share similar functionality with your database users.

Views and dashboards now have Help Text property. It is placed in a separate section below all of the other object’s properties.

When filled in, view/dashboard page displays small drop down titled Help just under tab bar. On user’s click it extends toward the bottom displaying the text you’ve typed. To simplify building dashboard help it supports automatic extraction of views’ help texts it consists of. First, dashboard’s own text is displayed. Then it lists view’s section heading and view’s help text for each view available to the user.

Dashboard and view help text concatenated

Help texts are actually markup with limited support for HTML tags and attributes. Scripts, forms, event handlers – in other words active content is prohibited; feature set here is in par with email workflow actions.

For interface consistency, we’ve also renamed column’s Tooltip to Help Text and put it – as with views and dashboards – in a separate section at the bottom of column’s setup page. Also, chart views no longer display descriptions under the title. Their descriptions became the part of help text.