We’ve just released an facility to control column behavior in the forms.

You can now specify the condition and the set of changes to apply to the form’s columns when the condition is met.

Consider the following scenario:

We have an Activity table that will store two types of activities: Tasks and Events. The have something is common: the Type, Subject, Assigned To and Description column apply to both types. Due Date, Status and Priority apply to Tasks only while Location, Start Date and Duration apply to Events only. Also, we want to require user input to Assigned To column when the type is Task. Here is the screenshot from column’s setup:


Now we’ll set up the form’s behavior.

Visit Forms > Customize form behavior.

By default – if nothing is specified – TeamDesk will maintain its current behavior – display all columns in view mode and display editable columns only in edit mode. We’ll need to set it up in a little different way.

First, in Default section we’ll hide the type specific columns.

Then we’ll define the condition to check whether the Type is Task – the interface is identical to the view’s filters and specify the column settings for Type-specific columns.

Finally we’ll define another condition to check whether the Type is Event and, again, behavior for event specific columns.


Let’s test what we have:

When we create new record, and no type is specified, neither condition is met and the rules from Default sections are used – hiding all type specific columns.


Now, let’s change the type to Task – Task specific columns will appear, please note that Assigned To also receives Required mark:


And when Event is selected, task specific columns are replaced with event specific columns:


The logic you defined is not form specific – it is applied to all table forms.