We have extended web-to-record with a new option that allows you to create fully functional embedded form by copy-pasting simple HTML snippet to your website page.

You can easily control user impersonation, submit button’s label and confirmation message or a page to navigate for that web-to-record form.

Moreover, embedded form will be automatically updated reflecting changes in your database setup. All built-in TeamDesk functionality such as form behaviors, dynamic column calculationsreference columns and validation rules is supported from the ground up.

Unlike “Pure HTML” model that uses only “allow new record” access, from security standpoint new web-to-record’s functionality requires setting up more privileges – in order to allow record picker to work view permission should be given to all master tables and their relatives. We would urge you to avoid selecting privileged user for new web-to-record code. Instead we would recommend creating special user with restricted access rights for that task.

Implementation notes

The script you embed to your web page first bootstraps all necessary components if it is not done by web page code already. These are namely jQuery (1.7+ required) , jQuery UI, localization information for the calendar, stylesheets and our supporting functionality. The script also checks for minimal browser requirements (IE10+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera for desktop, iOS5, Android 4). If load and check is successful, the script loads the “new record” form’s HTML code with headers, footers and sidebars stripped out and let it work the almost same way it is done in TeamDesk.

There are couple of minor differences, however. In web-to-record mode lookups are rendered as text rather than as link to avoid letting the user to navigate away from the form. Also, New button is removed from record picker views regardless of view’s settings.

At the moment form’s styling follows TeamDesk, though planned IE7-8 support removal will open the road to code simplification and let us work on embedded code to allow more styling options.

TeamDesk’s code is well isolated and will unlikely affect form’s surroundings. Will you find such a conflict, please contact us.