Due to the Variables we have within our style of manufacturing, we found that the need for some form of consistency in our administration was becoming increasingly important. This meant we needed a system that could not only provide a consistent workflow for everyone to follow, but also a system that would cater for all of the “but what if this happens” scenarios.

We chose TeamDesk after exhausting virtually all other options, from so-called “industry specific” software solutions, to a custom database that was written by a programmer that told us he knew “exactly what we needed” and gave us Nothing!!!. In other words, we were completely disillusioned by what options were out there. After starting our TeamDesk solution from a blank database, we very quickly found that we were able to build in more and more of our Islands of information throughout our administration into one solution. We are handling our entire business workflow, from the first customer record, leads, quotations, accounts, jobs, purchasing, time sheets, inventory control and maintenance of projects, as well as all of the variables associated with these processes.

The reporting, table setup and functionality, flexibility affordability and customer support of TeamDesk is absolutely amazing!! This product has given back to myself , as a small business owner, the ability to set up a system that follows our business rules and needs, instead of having to change the way we do business to suit someone else’s software. This in turn has made data entry by staff at all levels of my business, a lot more efficient, and the feedback from staff, which is normally quite negative when implementing new systems, has been nothing but positive throughout!!
The response and solutions given by TeamDesk support when we have come across hurdles has been very prompt and reliable. What more can you ask for!!

Ben Fatchen
Ben Fatchen