This year, we introduced exciting features like two-factor authentication, enhanced file validation, and natural language in formula creation. We also improved resource management and integrated OpenAI technologies, keeping our platform at the forefront of innovation.

Let`s jump back to our best moments of the year:

With March update we added new single sign-on certificate options to allow using custom certificates for data encryption. Not only that, we added the ability to use GET method with webhooks.

Our proudest moment of the year is OpenAI Integration with TeamDesk. This is so incredible! You can just describe what you want and TeamDesk will do the job: create a database, add a view, create or fix your formulas, and so much more.

We`ve made some improvements on Resource management: database- and domain-level resources now support folders and multiple file uploads including upload from ZIP files.

Check out the upgraded Manage Column Access page. Now it`s easier to work with large numbers of columns and roles.

We`ve introduced a new “Related” column prefix, which allows you to refer to the columns on the other side of the relationship from summary columns’ and relation-specific record pickers’ filter conditions.

We added a simple yet effective option to enforce file type validation for attachment columns.

We added support for two-factor authentication to TeamDesk/dbFLEX Enterprise editions Additional 6-digit code is required to confirm the login.

Our journey together has been remarkable, and we’re excited for what 2024 holds. Wishing you joyous holiday season and a prosperous new year!

With love,
The TeamDesk Team.