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Record Picker Improvement

Record picker views now accept filtering condition with parameters. When filter expression have the parameters, parameters input controls are rendered instead of full text search box. In absense of parameters in the filter condition the record picker works like before.

Default Value as Formula

We have updated the way default values are handled in TeamDesk. Duration and Time columns now support default values. The interface is unified now and supports entering the value or the formula. Constant values can now be entered the same way they are entered in edit form. They are handled according to user’s locale settings….

How to calculate job duration?

We have received many advanced customization requests from our clients. We’ll try to generalize it and create series of sample applications to help you understand how you can obtain more from your TeamDesk application. Today we present you the first application: How to calculate job duration? This preconfigured web-based application shows how to calculate job…

Surveys Online

We’ve redesigned Surveys Online application. This pre-configured web-based application allows creating simple and flexible web-based surveys and analyzing the results.

Deal Management

New Deal Management application is added to the application library: This preconfigured web-based application allows storing everything you need to get the deal closed in one place. What’s Tracked? Deals – application is built around deals. A deal is a business opportunity. Contacts – all of your contacts supporting your deals. Tasks – a simple…

Leads Management

We’ve redesigned Leads Management application. This preconfigured web-based application provides your team with a centralized searchable environment to manage sales leads. What’s Tracked? Leads Tasks Events Calls Outbound E-Mails with E-Mail Templates Notes & Attachments

New Application Templates

The following new applications were added to the application library: Medical Practice Manager This application gives health practitioners a solution to track patients’ visits and manage billing and scheduling information. By consolidating practice information into a centralized searchable environment, doctors can automate their practice management, improve documentation quality while making more time available for patients…

Idea Exchange

If you are a customer, suggestions seem to drop into a black hole. "We want this" is usually answered by "We’ll put in an enhancement request", and that is the last you hear about that until we implement your idea if any. We want to convert this into a dialogue between the product team and…

New Features

TeamDesk has been enhanced with following new features: Relation now has the optional name to make reading of relationship list bit easier. Show tab checkbox has been moved from table properties to table access screen to allow definition of the setting on per-role basis. Application now allows to store resource files (documents, images, web pages)…

Application Library has been redesinged

Recently we’ve redesigned TeamDesk Application Library. Here you will find a growing collection of applications created by TeamDesk Team and TeamDesk customers. We encourage you to share your application as well. Let’s make the library grow and become even more useful! Your comments and suggestions are much appreciated. What are your general impressions of the…