TeamDesk connector for Power BI revisited

Last summer we announced the availability of TeamDesk connector for Power BI Desktop. This was a beta technology – in order to use it you needed to download connector code, place it in some folder and turn on some options Power BI. No longer. TeamDesk connector for Power BI is now certified by Microsoft and…

Icons for buttons and documents

Christmas is coming, trees are decorated, lights are blinking, and it’s time add some décor to your database. Today, we’ve added an ability to select icons for custom buttons and documents in TeamDesk. You have a choice of 900+ icons covering various subjects – actions, brands, file types, symbols, animals and a lot more. Search…

Grant access to TeamDesk support staff

When you filed support request asking what’s wrong with your database and our support personnel needed an access to see what’s happened, one of privileged team members was reviewing the request and set an internal flag on the database to grant access to TeamDesk support staff until request  is resolved. The procedure was based on…

Grant Access to TeamDesk Support

Navigate Action for better workflow

TeamDesk has straightforward navigation logic which works well in most cases and usage scenarios. But there can be the case when you may want to change it for some reason. In that case new Navigate Action come in handy.

Navigate Action

Script to run on every page of your database

To extend database functionality even further we’ve added an ability to run custom script on every page of your database. To keep in line with dbstyles.css logic all you need is to place dbscript.js in your database’s resources section.

script and css to load on the page

Power BI + TeamDesk Data Connector

Information below is no longer accurate. Please check updated article On May, 2017 Microsoft released SDK for creating custom Data Connectors for Power BI. Given this opportunity we are releasing TeamDesk Data Connector (Beta) for Power BI.