Power BI + TeamDesk Data Connector

Information below is no longer accurate. Please check updated article On May, 2017 Microsoft released SDK for creating custom Data Connectors for Power BI. Given this opportunity we are releasing TeamDesk Data Connector (Beta) for Power BI.

Development Branch

If you deal with significant structural updates, you would prefer not to expose partial changes to end users until the project is complete. To address this we have introduced the database development branch.

Integrate your favorite apps with TeamDesk via Zapier

Great news! TeamDesk has an ability to integrate with Zapier. This online automation tool allows non-programmers to integrate different webservices. The single integration with Zapier allows to seamlessly connect your TeamDesk online database with an application like Google Forms, Google Calendar, MailChimp and over 750 more.

Embedding option for views and dashboards

While ago we added HTML5/JavaScript option to the web-to-record form. Today, we have extended TeamDesk views and dashboards with option to embed them on arbitrary page which allow you to copy/paste simple HTML snippet to embed them to your website page.

Enable Embedding option

Mobile client application for form filling requests

Sometimes you need to perform jobs offline and then submit the result to the TeamDesk when internet is available. To address this problem, we’ve created TeamDesk mobile client application. It works similar to email client, yet, instead of email it receives requests to fill the form from TeamDesk database(s). You can fill the form on the…

Help text property for views, dashboards

While ago we’ve added context-sensitive help text blocks to appear as a drop down just under the tab bar in Setup mode. Today, we have extended TeamDesk to allow you to share similar functionality with your database users. Views and dashboards now have Help Text property. It is placed in a separate section below all…

help text