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Customize your database look using CSS

We often receive questions on how to customize database UI. Can one right-align database title? Decrease font size? Reduce paddings? Add icon and color to the button? These are only some challenges, there are many more. Some requests were fulfilled – font size and padding can be decreased via Adjust Font Size labs’ feature, while some,…

customize database styles

Mobile client application for form filling requests

Sometimes you need to perform jobs offline and then submit the result to the TeamDesk when internet is available. To address this problem, we’ve created TeamDesk mobile client application. It works similar to email client, yet, instead of email it receives requests to fill the form from TeamDesk database(s). You can fill the form on the…

Help text property for views, dashboards

While ago we’ve added context-sensitive help text blocks to appear as a drop down just under the tab bar in Setup mode. Today, we have extended TeamDesk to allow you to share similar functionality with your database users. Views and dashboards now have Help Text property. It is placed in a separate section below all…

help text

Notes field holds developer’s comments.

Many TeamDesk objects feature Description field used for various purpose. Databases display their description in a list in My TeamDesk section. Chart views display description text just below the title. For columns we display description as a tooltip near field label on edit form. For the other objects description was merely a space for comments.

Comments in notes and tooltip field

REST, SOAP API control options

We have added options to control the availability of TeamDesk REST and SOAP API to improve database security. You can find them in Setup | Integration API page.

REST and SOAP API control

QR codes support in Barcode columns

Today we’ve added QR codes to the list of supported barcodes in barcode column and formula in TeamDesk. 1D barcodes are usually limited to digits and/or ASCII characters and quickly grow in size when amount of information to encode increases. In contrast, QR codes do not have those limitations, rather you can put letters from every…

QR Codes

Call URL Action Improvements

Today we’ve added an ability to supply additional headers and perform POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE HTTP calls to Call URL Action. Action’s setup interface is extended with Method, Headers and Body fields; latter is visible when method selected is POST, PUT or PATCH. Support for more HTTP methods opens the road for the database…