These are simple values, for example, 5, -10.5 or “John Donne.

Text literals should be enclosed in single or double quotes. If you need to use quote character inside a text literal, use a combination of backslash and quote character. For example: “John Donne’s \” For Whom The Bell Tolls\”.

For checkboxes true indicates checked state and false indicates unchecked state.

Numeric literals are used as is.

Date, time and timestamp literals should be enclosed in pound signs (#). Date value should be written in year-month-day format using dashes as separators, for example, #2009-10-30#. Time value should be written using 24 hour clock and colon as a separator, for example, #23:30# or #09:15:30#. Timestamp literals are formatted as combination of date and time portion, the value is provided for GMT timezone. For example, #2010-01-01 08:00#.

Duration literals are numbers followed by a single character representing the unit of measurement: d for days, h for hours, m for minutes or s for seconds. For example: 0.25d, 6h, 360m or 21600s represent single value – six hours.

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