Literals are simple values, such as 5, -10.5, or "John Donne".

Text literals should be enclosed in either single or double quotes. If you need to include a quote character within a text literal, use a combination of a backslash and the quote character. For instance: "John Donne's \"For Whom The Bell Tolls\"".

For checkboxes, true indicates a checked state, and false indicates an unchecked state.

Numeric literals are used as they are.

Date, time, and timestamp literals should be enclosed in pound signs #. Date values should be written in the year-month-day format using dashes as separators. For example, #2009-10-30#. Time values should be written using the 24-hour clock and a colon as a separator, like #23:30# or #09:15:30#. Timestamp literals are formatted as a combination of the date and time portions, with the value provided for the GMT timezone. For example, #2010-01-01 08:00#.

Duration literals are numbers followed by a single character representing the unit of measurement: d for days, h for hours, m for minutes, or s for seconds. For example: 0.25d, 6h, 360m, or 21600s represent single values - six hours.