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Translating database UI to your language

Last week we’ve added the method for translating database UI to the language of your choice. The process is quite simple. First, download sample text file and open it in a text editor of your choice, Notepad for example. Below are first few lines from the file: ; Common buttons = New action.view =…

Translating database UI

Mobile Device Alerts are added to mobile actions

Today, we are proud to present new addition to a set of TeamDesk mobile device actions: Mobile Device Alerts. A usual way to communicate with a user who is not actively working with the database is to send e-mail notifications. There are two problems with e-mail notifications: unless set up properly they spam your inbox…

Mobile Device Record Alerts

Copy Master records with Details and Sub-Details

It’s a trivial situation when you need to copy a master record, including details and sub-details. For example, your database stores records of specific products, each product consists of many parts and every part includes many components. In this case you are dealing with 3 level cascade relation. This blog post describes the settings allowing…

Copy Master with Details

Three approaches for Tracking Changes

The changes tracking log is a frequently asked question. That’s why we decided to describe three approaches that allow the organization of a changes tracking log. The common idea is that changes are registered as related details that are kept in a separate table. In this blog post we’ll describe three different approaches to implement…

Changes Tracking

Convert Leads into Company accounts

Lead and Customer are key entities for customer management. In this blog post we would suggest a solution for your online database that allows to convert Leads into Customers, such as Company accounts. With help of a custom button, a user will be able to copy qualified Lead records into a separate “Companies” table. As…

Convert Lead

SMS chat with TeamDesk and Twilio

While TeamDesk does not support sending SMS messages, it is still possible via built-in third-party services integration features. In this article we’ll show how to use Call URL actions and REST API to build SMS chat via Twilio services.

RecordSet columns to work with detail records

Copying master record together with details was a non-trivial task. Four months ago we outlined 9-step solution that involves creating lookups and formulas and summaries and multi-record buttons and change triggers. And quietly worked on much simpler solution. Today TeamDesk proudly presents RecordSet columns and couple of extensions to Create and Update workflow actions to…

Copy and paste setup forms

Have you ever encountered situation when you are working on the development branch and yet have to add some stuff into production database? In order to keep changes in production database you have to either drop the branch or carefully copy and paste object settings from production to branch, property by property. No longer. TeamDesk…

Copy and paste keyboard buttons

Link a QR code scanner to your database

Let’s consider an example on how to link a QR code scanner to a database. Say you’ve built the “QR Code Scanner” application. The main idea of this database is that users can scan QR codes via a mobile device and then search database tables for records containing QR codes. Assume that your database keeps…

QR Code Scanner

Mobile actions’ icons to add visual appeal

As we promised, we’ll continue to add icons to various TeamDesk areas. This time we are adding mobile actions’ icons. Mobile Device Create/Update actions are now extended with a pair of icon and color properties. Icon, obviously allows you to set an icon for an action, while color is intended to override default “table color”…

Mobile actions' icons