Describe (Table) Method

Use this method to retrieve table’s structure. We do not recommend treating the response as a fixed structure as we reserve the right to extend the output with more information at any time.


table: the singular name of the table or its alias as returned by the Describe (Database) method. Please note that this parameter is embedded into the URL before the method name.



Describe Test table in Test API database



  "id": 115442,
  "recordName": "Test",
  "recordsName": "Tests",
  "alias": "t_115442",
  "showTab": true,
  "color": "#0061B0"
  "allowAdd": true,
  "key": "Id",
  "columns": [ // an array of column descriptors
      "id": 2445930,
      "name": "Text",
      "alias": "f_2445930",
      "type": "Text",
      "dataOptions": "AllowAddSimilar, AllowFind",
      "displayOptions": "ShowInViews",
      "width": 40
    // ...
  "views": [ // an array of view descriptors
      "id": 730247,
      "type": "Table",
      "name": "Default View",
      "alias": "v_730247",
      "showInMenu": true,
      "actions": "Add, Edit, View, Delete"
    // ...
  // ... more information