Select (View) Method

This method allows you to construct a query to obtain records from the table via defined view.


the singular name of the table or its alias as returned by the Describe (Database) method. Please note that this parameter is embedded into the URL before the method name.
the name or an alias of the view to query. Please note that this parameter is embedded into the URL after the table name/alias.
optional, allows you to specify filtering criteria that will be applied in addition to a view filter. The syntax is described in Formula Language Reference.
optional, a number of records to return in a range 1…500. Default is 500.
number of records to skip before returning the result. This parameter can be used to organize paginated output, for example: skip=0&top=200 (page 1), skip=200&top=200 (page 2), etc.



Retrieve the data from List All views in a Test table.



Response matches the format returned by Select (Table) method. If the view calculates aggregated values the output may contain additional rollup rows identified by "@row.type" attribute in JSON output or "type" attribute in XML output - Grand for grand total, and RowTotal and ColumnTotal to indicate corresponding total values in crosstab views.