Updated Method

This method allows you to retrieve the list of records that where updated in a range of dates. Recently modified records are returned on top. There is no limit to the number of records returned.


the singular name of the table or its alias as returned by the Describe (Database) method. Please note that this parameter is embedded into the URL before the method name.
optional, the timestamp indicating the start of the range. Time zone, if included is used to convert the supplied time to user’s local time.
optional, the timestamp indicating the end of the range. Time zone is handled the same way as in from parameter.


GET https://www.teamdesk.net/secure/api/v2/{appid}/{table}/updated.{json|xml}?params 

Retrieve records from Test table updated in 2014

GET https://www.teamdesk.net/secure/api/v2/21995/Test/updated.json?from=2014-01-01Z&to=2014-12-31T23:59:59Z


The response is identical to Select (Table) method when queried for key, date created and date modified columns aliased as "key", "created" and "modified" for uniformity.

        "@row.id": 12,
        "key": "60",
        "created": "2014-12-03T18:02:31.79+02:00",
        "modified": "2014-12-03T18:05:22.46+02:00"
        "@row.id": 13,
        "key": "61",
        "created": "2014-12-04T18:30:24.39+02:00",
        "modified": "2014-12-04T18:30:24.39+02:00"
    // , { ... } more rows