Workflow Triggers

Workflow Triggers define what actions will be triggered when a certain event occurs. Currently TeamDesk presupposes three types of triggers:

Record Change Triggers

Time-Dependent Triggers

Periodic Triggers

Each Workflow Trigger has to comprise one or many actions. The Trigger defines time or conditions after which a certain action or event will be called. The Workflow Actions define events that are triggered. Currently there are four types of workflow actions presupposed by TeamDesk:

E-mail Alert

Update Record

Create Record

Call URL


To create a new workflow trigger:

Click the Setup link in the top right corner of the window.

Choose a necessary table and click a corresponding tab at the top of the window.

From the menu in the main frame select Rules > Workflow Trigger.

Click New near the trigger type you need.

In the trigger form that will be opened, specify trigger properties.

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