Column Value Colorization

To direct users’ attention to some values, you can colorize them in the Text columns and Formula-Text columns. Colorization bases on whether the value contains certain text. Say there is the Status text column in a table. This column comprises the “Complete”, “Overdue” and “In Progress” values. You need to highlight the Overdue status in red, In Progress – yellow, Complete – green.

To specify value colorization for the Text or Formula-Text column, edit column settings and check the Colorization checkbox in the Advanced Options. In the above mentioned example the Status column values should be colorized in the following way:

First box let you input the string to check for containment, second box specifies background color when match is detected. Foreground color (black/white) is detected automatically based on background's luminance so you can use dark and light colors equally well.

The Column Value Colorization works equally well while displaying column values on the form, with e-mail notifications, document generation and Excel export.

To display the colorization in the Lookup column referring to the colorized Text or Formula-Text column, you have to uncheck the Display As Link option in the Lookup column settings.

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