Creating a new Summary Column

When two tables are related, you can create summary columns. Summary columns are columns in a master table used to represent calculation of specific data from a detail table.

For example, there are two related tables Invoices and Items. One Invoice can be related to many Items. As a result, the summary columns can be created in the Invoices table. For instance, you may add the “Total” summary column summarizing “Sub-total” amounts of all related Items. Also, you can create the “Product List” summary column to concatenate product names kept in the related Items. The summary column type depends on the Function specified in the column settings.

The simplest way to add a summary column to the related table is the following:

Click the Setup link in the top right corner of the window

Select a table you need.

From the setup menu select Columns > Create a new summary column

In the Selections section click the Add Summary button next to a necessary relation.

The Summary column form will be displayed:

Fill in the displayed form to create a Summary column.

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