Database Properties

Use the Database Properties section in the TeamDesk Setup mode to modify a database name, upload a logo set a language, location and time zone.

To perform one of the listed actions:

Click the Setup link in the top right corner of the window.

Select the Database tab.

Choose Database > Database Properties in the setup menu.

The system will open the following form:

To edit database information, click the Edit button. In the appeared form edit the general options like a database name, a description and upload a logo.

To display your own logo in the left corner of the database, click on the Choose File button and select an image file on your computer (Note: Your logo will be visible only in the database user mode). Sometimes the logo and the database name are duplicates or do not look well balanced. In this case you can check the Hide database name option and the database name will be hidden.

Please note, that the system tries to adapt the logo image size proportionately to 300x100 pixels. If it is not possible to resize the image, the system uses the proportions of your image and displays it in size 300x100 pixels.

The Preferences section comprises the following options:

Language and Location

Administrators can set the Language and Location properties. This option parses and specifies the numbers, dates and time format that are used instead of the current user settings. The chosen format will be shown for public users or other persons who do not have their own TeamDesk accounts.

For example, you work with the Sport Club database and notify registered course members who are not TeamDesk users about changes in the schedule of the Aikido workshop that will take place in Japan. You can set corresponding Language and Location. As the result, the date and time format of such notifications will be displayed according to Japanese (Japan) Language and Location settings.

Time Zone

The Time Zone option is taken into account only for Timestamp columns and if a timestamp column value is converted into text, for example in e-mail alerts or formulas. This database time zone is applied instead of the current user settings, if a person (like a public user) does not have his/her own TeamDesk account.

For instance, if the (UTC+9:00) Osaka Time Zone is chosen in the above-mentioned example, the “Date Created” and “Date Modified” timestamp values are calculated according to the database time zone settings and these timestamp values are displayed to course members who are not TeamDesk users.

Moreover, this Time Zone property is used, if a Timestamp column participates in workflow triggers.


In case you create formulas, there are the Workday and Workdays functions that include the weekends argument. If this argument is omitted, the Weekends option (Saturday, Sunday is the default) acts as the default weekends argument.

The Extras section and the Support Staff Access option.

The support team does not have access to your database by default, except free trials. Therefore, if you need help from the Support Team members, you can provide the access to the database via the Support Staff Access option. It allows you to grant access to members of TeamDesk support team until 23:59:59 of a certain date in database-specific time zone – or deny it.

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