Ownership and Transferring

Initially, the user who creates a database is its owner. A database owner always has access to the Setup mode and the ability to delete a database. However, this person can transfer database ownership to another user or grant administrative rights to a user who already exists in the system. Only a database owner or a user granted with administrative rights can add and remove users from a database user list and control user permissions.

You are allowed to transfer the ownership of a database to another user.

Note: Before transferring a database, make sure that the new owner is a registered user in the system). A new owner will have access to all sections of the database. To transfer a database to another user:

  1. Click the Setup link in the top right corner of the window.

  2. Select the Database tab.

  3. Choose Database > Transfer database from the setup menu. The system will display the following page:

    Transfer Ownership

  4. In the E-mail field, type the email address of the new database owner. Click Next to proceed.

  5. The system will display information on the ownership transfer. Check if the information is correct and click Save.