Ownership and Transferring

Initially, the user who creates a database is its owner. A database owner always has the access to the Setup mode and the ability to delete a database. However, this person can transfer database ownership to another user or grant administrative rights to a user, that already exists in the system. Only a database owner or a user granted with administrative rights can add and remove users from a database user list and control user permissions.

You are allowed to transfer the ownership of a database to another user (Note: Before transferring a database, make sure that a new owner is a registered user in the system). A new owner will have access to all sections of the database. To transfer a database to another user:

Click the Setup link in the top right corner of the window.

Select the Database tab.

Choose Database > Transfer database in the setup menu. The system will display the following page:

Transfer Ownership.png

In the E-mail field type the e-mail address of the new database owner. Click Next to proceed.

The system will display information on the ownership transfer. Check if the information is correct and click Save.