How to Insert an Image into a Notification Body

Let’s say you’ve created an Art Gallery online database where you store art product names, detailed descriptions, and images in the "Image" file attachment column. When a photo or painting is sold, an email notification should be sent to a client, and a picture kept in the "Image" file attachment column should be inserted into this notification.

To make this adjustment, you need to follow these steps:

Firstly, go to the file attachment column settings and activate the "Allow Public Access" checkbox.

File Attachment Access

Secondly, create a new column of the Formula-URL type in the same table where the "Image" column is located. Then, insert the following formula into the Formula field in the column settings, for example:

URLRoot() & "/image.aspx?fid=" & ColumnId([Image]) & "&w=240&guid=" & Right([Image], ";")

Select the Image option in the "Display As" dropdown.


If you need to change the image size, please modify (increase/decrease) the number 240 in the formula.

Save the changes.

After that, you should use this Formula-URL column in the email body.

Notification Body

As a result, the image will be displayed in the notification:

Image in Email