How to insert Image into Notification body

Say, you created the Art Gallery online database. There you keep art products’ names, detailed descriptions and images in the "Image" file attachment column. When a photo or painting is sold an e-mail notification should be sent to a Client. Furthermore, a picture kept in the "Image" file attachment column should be inserted into this notification.

To make the adjustment you need to do the following:

Firstly, go to the file attachment column settings and activate the "Allow Public Access" checkbox.

File Attachment Access.png

Secondly, create a new column of the Formula-URL type in the same table, where the "Image" column is created.
Then insert, for example, the following formula to the Formula field in the column settings:

URLRoot() & "/image.aspx?fid=" & ColumnId([Image]) & "&w=240&guid=" & Right([Image], ";")

and select the Image option in the "Display As" dropdown.


In case you need to change the image size, please change (increase/decrease) the number 240 in the formula.

Save changes.

After that you should use this Formula-URL column in the email body.

Notification Body.png

As a result, the image will be displayed in the notification:

image in email.png