View Subscriptions can be sent when there is a need to notify a user about the current state of any TeamDesk view at regular intervals (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly).

For example, if you want to notify users about overdue tasks assigned to them every day, you can set up a "Overdue tasks" view to be sent to users daily.

To create a new subscription or modify an existing one:

  1. Click the Setup link in the top right corner of the window.

  2. Select the table you need.

  3. From the setup menu, select E-mail Notifications > Configure view subscriptions. The system will display the Scheduled View Subscriptions form:
    Scheduled View Subscriptions form

  4. To edit an existing subscription, click the Edit button next to the necessary subscription entry. You can also copy existing subscriptions or delete them by clicking the corresponding buttons on the form.

Moreover, you can enable or disable sending the view subscriptions in the common list displayed on the form: select the checkbox next to a necessary record and click the Enable or Disable button. Use the Action checkbox for multiple selections.

To create a new subscription, click the New button at the top of the form. This will open the New Subscription form.

General Properties

Subscription General Properties

In the General section of the form, enter the view subscription general data:

Enter the name of the new view subscription.
The field can hold any developer’s comments that need to be kept for this subscription. The comments will be visible in the Setup mode only.
Specify from whom the notification should be sent. You can use the following options:
Select options defining to whom the notification should be sent. You can specify one or many options described below:

Recipients specified in the Cc and Bcc fields will receive copies of the messages sent to every recipient specified in the To field, regardless of their access rights.

Email Contents

Subscription Email Contents

In the E-mail Contents section of the form, enter the data concerning e-mail contents:

Enter the subject of the new reminder.
Enter the basic information of the reminder. Note that the body of the reminder may contain placeholders (for example, the name of the action: modifying/adding/deleting table records). To configure the body of the reminder, use the % sign to choose and insert the placeholders you need. You are able to select the following placeholders:

Access rights for the placeholders/columns in the message body are determined by access rights of the user specified in the To field. In case of arbitrary e-mail columns or an arbitrary e-mail address, the access rights of the database owner will be used.

Select the necessary format of the notification:

Subscription Options

Subscription Options

In the Subscription section of the form, enter the data specifying when the view subscription should be sent:

In the View dropdown, choose the name of a view that should be inserted into the body of the subscription.
Avoid Empty Reports
If this option is checked, the subscription will not be sent when there are no records in the view. For example, there are no overdue tasks on the specified date, so the “Overdue tasks” view is empty, and the subscription will not be sent.
Specify the period in which the view subscription should be sent and specify additional subscription options if available:
Notification enabled
Select the checkbox to enable notifying.

Click the Save button to save the information entered in the form.

If you click on a subscription name, below the Subscription form, you can see the Log displaying whom and when the system sent this subscription.

Subscription Log

This helps to check the work of the subscription. If you click on the Details button, you can see when the subscription alert was processed and delivered or the reasons explaining why it was not delivered.

Mail Log Entries

Please notice that the non-delivered subscription log is available only for databases kept on EU based data servers.

Moreover, you can see undelivered subscription alerts on the E-mail Non-Delivery Report page.

If you click on a subscription name, you can see the Test button that allows you to check how your subscription will look without having to wait for the configured time.

Test Subscription