There may be times when a form’s appearance depends on data entered in a certain field or a user who views/edits a form. Some fields may be unnecessary or required conditionally, based on previous field entries or the role of the user editing a record. TeamDesk allows you to control the behavior of elements (columns, sections, text) in forms.

If you’ve created different form behavior criteria for the same field (column), and these criteria apply simultaneously, the field’s behavior is determined by the most dominant behavior option. The rating from most dominant to least dominant is as follows:

  • Edit Form Behavior: Hidden > Readonly > Required > Editable > Default;
  • View Form Behavior: Hidden > Visible > Default.

To customize the form behavior, click on the Behavior button at the top of the form layout.


By default, TeamDesk maintains its current behavior, displaying all form elements (columns, sections, text) in the view mode and displaying editable elements only in the edit mode. You can configure the form differently.

Edit Form Behavior (On Edit) includes the following options:

View Form Behavior (On View) allows you to choose from these options:

Default Behavior

You can find examples of customization in Customize Form Behavior.