New Sections

If you want to divide form elements into several groups, add a new section. A section performs the role of a delimiter of form elements.

To add a new section to the form, click on the New >> New Section button at the top of the form layout .

New Section.png

You will be asked to specify the title and color of the new section. To specify a color, click on the Color icon and select a color on the palette opened in a new window.


TeamDesk produces a color lighter to highlight the values in the section and even a color lighter to highlight the section background. When the color is not set, TeamDesk uses default shades-of-gray scheme.


To group elements in a new section, you need to reorder them: place the Section element before the fields of a new section.

Also each section can be Visible, Collapsed, Expanded or Hidden on the form in the View or Edit mode. To apply one of these option, adjust the form behavior for each section.