Edit Columns

Say you want to change a form appearance, to make it handier. For example, you can place form fields or texts side by side, display a field label above a field value and assigning alternative labels to columns.

Click the Edit Columns button at the top of the form layout.

Edit Columns.png

The Edit Columns form will appear.

The options are described below:

Option Description
Label In the Label column all form elements (columns, sections, texts) are listed. You can click on a column name to edit column properties. In case you want to edit a section name or a text, you should go back to the Form Layout and use the edit button.
Type In the Type column a type of an element is specified.
Label Above Check the Label Above checkbox, if the column element label has to be displayed above the column value. By default a column element label and a column value are displayed side by side.
Alternative Label In the Alternative Label column enter an alternative name of a column. By default a column label is always the same as the column name. Use this field to change the default label.
Width The width of the form row can be divided into 4 columns maximum. It means that you can place up to 4 elements side by side in the same row. Moreover, you can place sections side by side but the total number of column elements can’t exceed 4 places. Using the Width option you can indicate the number of places filled by a column element in a row. In case you want to rearrange a whole section you can set only a correct width for this section.
Same Row All elements can be displayed in up to 4 columns. If the Same Row checkbox is selected, the form element (column or text) will be displayed on the right of other form elements. If the checkbox is unchecked, the element will be placed under the previous form element. In case you want to rearrange a whole section you can set the Same Row option for this section.