Declarative Passing of URL Parameters

TeamDesk supports the declarative passing of URL parameters from the browser’s navigation bar into the web-to-record form. Therefore, you can simply add the following to the end of your web-to-record form URL:


Where "column-id" is the identifier of the column, which can be found in the browser’s URL while viewing column properties in the setup section.

"<parameter-name>" is a URL parameter from which to retrieve the value.

For Example

Suppose you’ve created a "Feedback" table in your database, which includes two reference columns: "WorkshopID," referring to the Workshops table, and the "Email" column, referring to the Participants table.

Feedback Table

You want to collect workshop feedback from a participant. This feedback should be collected via a web-to-record form and registered as a record in the "Feedback" table. The web-to-record form can be embedded on your website or kept as an HTML file in the database resources. Let’s call this page the Feedback page.

The idea is to send each participant the Feedback page URL, which includes WorkshopID and Email of the participant. As a result, when a participant clicks on the received URL, these values (WorkshopID and Email) will be automatically inserted into the corresponding fields of the Feedback form.

For example, the following URL:

URL with WorkshopID and Email

redirects a participant to this Feedback form:

Feedback Form

As you can see, the values from the URL are inserted into the "Email" field and the "WorkshopID" field, respectively.

Below is the modified web-to-record form script used in the example:

Modified Script Example

To generate a Feedback page URL for each participant, you can create a Formula-URL column. In the provided example, we use the following formula:

Formula URL Column

The Formula-URL column can be displayed in a table view. As a result, you can copy the URLs you need or open a necessary Feedback form by clicking on a corresponding URL.

Table view with web-to-record URL