HTML5/JavaScript Web-to-Record Form

The Enabled (HTML5/JavaScript) option generates a simple HTML snippet for your website, and we highly recommend it because this option is straightforward and convenient.

Furthermore, the embedded form will be automatically updated to reflect any changes in your database setup. It fully supports all built-in TeamDesk functionality, such as form behaviors, dynamic column calculations, reference columns, and validation rules.

When you generate a web-to-record form and select the Enabled (HTML5/JavaScript) option, you will see the following form:


Web-to-Record HTML5/JavaScript

The available options are described below:

Set this to the Enabled (HTML5/JavaScript) option.
Impersonate as
To simplify form design, you can choose a form tailored for an existing user. Just select the user’s name from the dropdown. Consequently, the web-to-record form will resemble and function like the form displayed to the specified user. If you require a unique form, you can create a new user, customize a form behavior for this user, and select the user’s name from the dropdown.
Button Label
Here, you can assign a label to the button that will submit the form data to the database.
After Form Submit
You have two options:
Write the message to be displayed as a confirmation message.
Enter the URL to redirect to after successful form submission.

HTML5/JavaScript Code

After saving your changes, the HTML code will be generated.

Web-to-Record HTML5/JavaScript code