Edit Form Custom Button

The Edit form option allows you to utilize a default edit form instead of selected columns for a custom button where user input is required. You can configure custom button assignments to initialize columns with specific values and customize the form behavior that controls the appearance of the form.

For instance, consider a Leads table that stores registered leads, each having either the Prospect status or the Client status. When you click on the Edit button, you can modify the Lead Status from the dropdown menu.

Edit button

By creating an Edit Form custom button, you can include an assignment that automatically assigns the Client status value to the Lead Status column.

Edit form button

Furthermore, you can tailor the form behavior based on the Lead Status value. For example, when the Client status is assigned, the Additional Information section with specific fields should automatically open on the edit form.

Client form

As a result, the custom button streamlines data entry, eliminating the need to manually edit the Lead Status, and it ensures that specific sections and fields are displayed on the edit form depending on the status value.

You can use the following formula to add form behavior criteria for a particular custom button only when necessary: URLParam(URL(),"b") = "12345".