User/Session Specific Functions

Function Description
AppId Returns the ID of the current database.
BackURL Returns the current URL location information.
Browser Returns either "Desktop", "Tablet", "Mobile", or "TV".
ColumnId Returns a unique column ID number in text format.
Exists Returns true if the referred record selected in the reference column exists and is accessible to the user.
IsUserEmail Returns true if the email address belongs to a database user.
RecordId Returns the internal ID of the current record.
Role Returns the name of a role assigned to a user.
TableId Returns the ID of the current table.
ToUser Converts an email address into a user.
URL Returns the full URL of the current page.
URLRoot Returns the first part of the URL used to access TeamDesk, including the protocol and the site name.
User Returns the user currently accessing the database.
UserToEmail Returns the user’s email address.
UserToName Returns the user’s name.