Integration API

Integration API allows you to easily integrate TeamDesk with your applications and to build new applications that work with TeamDesk.

When you click Setup > Database tab > Tools > Integration API the following form is displayed:

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TeamDesk provides REST API to simplify integration with other services.

Please note, that there are no limits on the number of REST API calls. The system allows up to 10 concurrent REST API requests from a single user. Data modification requests are processed sequentially (the system will wait for the previous request to complete) on per table per user basis.

Three choices are available for REST API:



Enabled tokens and users

This is the default option. It allows REST API use for everyone who has user/password authorized access to the database.

Enabled tokens

This option limits API access to token authorization method. As a result, you can to control the use of API precisely.

Backup and restore utilities already support token-based authorization. You can use token in place of user name leaving password empty.


Using this option you can disable API entirely.


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When you change Rest API options, you should click on the Update button to save the changes.

The Rest API Playground button (or the REST API page link) navigates you to TeamDesk REST API Playground allowing to experiment with API calls.

More details are described in TeamDesk REST API

The Rest API Errors button opens the Rest API errors log. For example:

Rest API Errors.png

This errors log can be exported to the CSV file, if you click on the Export to CSV button.

The Rest API Logs button opens the Rest API log. In the filters you can select the Method for which you need the log. You may also select a specific table, duration and user to sort out unnecessary data.

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You can enable or disable SOAP API.

Please note, that SOAP API is obsolete, therefore we don’t recommend using it.

Each database has own web service address. To get API URL for your database click on the Setup > Database tab > Tools > Integration API and select the TeamDesk SOAP API link.

The link will navigate you to a page containing formal description of the web service. All calls to web-service are made via the same URL. You can retrieve service definition in WSDL format by adding ?wsdl to the end of URL.

Integration API assumes the knowledge of web services concept, SOAP protocol, XML and XML Schema (XSD) formats. It does not describe how to call web service using product X – you can find this information in corresponding product documentation, rather provides information and describes some common techniques related to TeamDesk SOAP API.

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