Check Formulas

Whenever you make changes to your TeamDesk database, it automatically updates all related components. However, updating formulas is not a straightforward task. Let’s say you had a "ZipCode" text column with a formula that doubled the column value. Then, you changed the column type from text to numeric, or even deleted the column altogether. What should the formula calculate now? Zero? That doesn’t make sense!

It’s impossible to predict how the formula should be adjusted to produce a meaningful result in such cases. As a database administrator, you are the one who should decide whether the formula remains relevant and how it needs to be modified. Currently, when you attempt to delete a column, TeamDesk generates an extensive usage report and retains the formula code, even if it would be invalid. However, in cases where significant changes are made to your database, you might inadvertently forget to update all the affected formulas. To address this, you can utilize the Check Formulas tool.

In the Setup > Database tab > Tools section, you can locate the Check Formulas tool, which lists all problematic formulas within your database.

Check Formula Errors

Additionally, if you have at least one formula validation error, a red banner will be displayed on the setup overview pages.

Formula Errors Banner