Performance Profiler

The Profiler is a tool that collects performance samples from executed code without making any alterations to your data or the way the system processes it.

To initiate the Performance Profiler, begin by opening the dropdown menu associated with your username in the top bar. Within this menu, you will find the Profiler: Off item. Click on it to activate the profiling process. This action will trigger a page reload, and a yellow bar will indicate that profiling is now active.


With the profiler active, you can proceed to execute the actions you wish to profile. Navigate to a view or dashboard where you’ve encountered performance issues, and carry out tasks such as switching tabs, editing records, and saving changes. Once you’ve completed your actions, you can either use the user menu or the link provided in the yellow bar to stop the profiling process and examine the results.

Upon stopping the profiler, you will be presented with the results:

Profiler Result

After reviewing the results, click on Save and share. You can then share the resulting link with the TeamDesk support team or other administrators of your database, enabling them to investigate the performance issue.

For more in-depth information about the profiler and usage examples, you can refer to the articles available on the TeamDesk blog.