E-mail to Database

TeamDesk offers the capability to directly accept emails into a database. The "E-mail to Database" functionality proves useful when you need to automatically process email data to either create new records or update existing ones.

It’s important to avoid creating references to the "Mailbox" table, as the content of the "Mailbox" will be periodically cleaned up. Additionally, please note that the system imports new emails approximately every 3-5 minutes, so there might be a short delay within this interval.

To enable the "E-mail to Database" feature, follow these steps: Click on Setup > Database tab > Tools section > E-mail to Database link.

E-mail to Database

As a result, a unique E-mail Address will become associated with your database. This address can be utilized in the "To," "CC," or "BCC" email fields. You can also set up email forwarding to this address.

The Security Token adds an extra layer of security. If your email address becomes compromised by spam, you can change the token to mitigate the issue.

All incoming emails will be stored in a dedicated "Mailbox" table, which will be automatically added to your database.

Mailbox table

Application Id
This column stores the database Id number.
Date and time when an email was sent.
Email priority.
You can use a sub-address to convey information to TeamDesk while keeping it hidden from the user who receives the notification. For instance, if you include the {appid}[.token]+tags@mail2db.teamdesk.net address in the Bcc: field or set up forwarding to this address, the system will populate the "Tags" column in the "Mailbox" table with the value from the tags (sub-address).
Email subject.
Email body.
From, To, CC
These columns hold the values of the From, To, and CC addresses respectively.
If an email contains up to 4 attachments, they will be stored in the Attachment 1, 2, 3, and 4 columns.
Any errors that arise during email processing are meticulously logged in this column.