The Labs tool is a platform where experimental or alpha-stage features are introduced. These features can be enabled or disabled on a per-database basis.

You can access the Labs tool by navigating to the Setup > Database tab > Tools > Labs link.

In this section, you will also find links to corresponding ideas on the TeamDesk Idea Exchange where you’re welcome to provide comments.

It’s important to note that the features introduced in the Labs section are experimental in nature. They might be added, removed, or undergo changes in their implementation at any time. While some features may eventually become a part of TeamDesk, others might not. Therefore, it’s not recommended to rely on these features in a production environment.


Example: New Ask the User

As an example, let’s consider the New Ask the User feature. When this option is enabled, an additional Ask the User section appears in the settings of a View.

New Ask the User Setup Mode

For instance, consider the "Practice Areas" column, which is a multi-choice text column where multiple practice areas can be selected for each Attorney record. You can utilize this column as the Ask column in a filter. This means that when you select specific options in the filter and click the Execute Query button in the view, the displayed records will include at least one of the selected Practice Areas.

New Ask the User Setup User Mode

If you aim to filter records based on a Multi-Reference column (Many-to-Many relationship), the filtered results will differ from those of a text column. In this scenario, only the records that match all the selected options will be listed.

For more detailed information about specific features listed in the Labs section, you can read corresponding articles on the TeamDesk blog.