Webhooks are one of ways web applications can communicate with each other. It allows to send real-time data from one application to another whenever a given event occurs.

To create a webhook, navigate to Setup >> Database tab >> Tools >> Webhooks, click New button.

By default your new webhook is configured to most commonly used options and is ready to save.

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Description automatically generated

The description of the options is provided below:




The piece that follows your-database-url/hooks/ is generated randomly by default and it is unique for a database, though you can provide some meaningful name.


The name of a new table where webhook data will be stored.


Any text you want to attribute your webhook with.


The first three options denote the data format webhook expects to receive when no special processing is required. Other options are services that either require some special responses or need a shared secret to calculate the signature. If the service you are integrating with requires either please drop us a note at support@teamdesk.net and we will add it to the list.

You can find the detailed example how to use webhooks for integration with HelloSign in the following blogpost.

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