General Properties

Every column has general properties such as a name of a column or options of displaying. General properties are properties common for all columns.

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Column Property


* Name

This property represents a column name. Please note that this field is required.


The Notes field can hold any developer’s comments that need to be kept for this column. The comments will be visible in the Setup mode only.

Tip: To increase the height of the Description field (add more lines), press Ctrl+Up Arrow on your keyboard. Use Ctrl+Down Arrow to decrease the field height (for the Opera browser use the following key combination: Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow / Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow).

Default /Calculate

This property represents a value displayed in a column by default. A user can enter a default value manually or select from the list: for columns of the Checkbox types – checked/unchecked by default; for columns of the User type – None, Current User or Specific User.



This property describes a column as obligatory or optional: select the check box if a column is required.

Note: If there are records in a table and you need to make a column required, all existing records should keep values in this column. Moreover, if there are records deleted and kept in the Recycle Bin with the blank column values, first, you should remove these records from the Recycle Bin.


This property describes column information as unique or repetitive: select the check box if column information is unique.

Allow add similar

This property allows a user to copy a column value to a new record when the Add similar button is clicked.

Allow find

This property allows a user to find records using information (text values) stored in a column. Select the Allow find checkbox if column information should be accessible for search by the Search for Keywords option or by the Record Picker search field. The Allow find property is available for the Text, Multi-line, E-Mail, Phone, Autonumber, URL, Barcode and File-Attachment types of columns. Note that formula-defined columns, Lookup and Summary columns do not possess this property, even if they have a text value.


Include in views by default

This property allows a user to add a column to a default column set: select a check box if you want a column to be displayed in views by default.

Display in bold

This property allows a user to mark columns bold: select the check box if you want to display column information in bold font.


Display without wrapping

This property allows a user to present the column entry in a single-line format: select the check box if you do not want to wrap the column entry into several lines.



Restrict access right by role

This property allows a user to restrict access to a column. Select the check box if you want to grant specific access rights to various user roles. Use drop-down lists that will appear below the check box to define an appropriate access right for each user role.

* - required property.

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