General Properties

Every column has general properties such as a name of a column or options of displaying. General properties are properties common for all columns.

Column Property


* Name

This property represents a column name. Please note that this field is required.


This property represents a detailed description of information stored in a column. The description is displayed as a tooltip when a user puts mouse over the question-mark icon next to a corresponding field, while adding or editing table records.

Tip: To increase the height of the Description field (add more lines), press Ctrl+Up Arrow on your keyboard. Use Ctrl+Down Arrow to decrease the field height (for the Opera browser use the following key combination: Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow / Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow).

Default /Calculate

This property represents a value displayed in a column by default. A user can enter a default value manually or select from the list: for columns of the Checkbox types – checked/unchecked by default; for columns of the User type – None, Current User or Specific User.



This property describes a column as obligatory or optional: select the check box if a column is required.


This property describes column information as unique or repetitive: select the check box if column information is unique.

Allow add similar

This property allows a user to copy a column value to a new record when the Add similar button is clicked.

Allow find

This property allows a user to find a record using information stored in the column: select the check box if column information should be accessible for search. This property is available for the Text, Multiline, E-Mail, Phone, Url, and Attachment types of columns. Note that formula-defined columns, Lookup and Summary columns do not possess this property, even if they have a text value.


Include in views by default

This property allows a user to add a column to a default column set: select a check box if you want a column to be displayed in views by default.

Display in bold

This property allows a user to mark columns bold: select the check box if you want to display column information in bold font.

Display without wrapping

This property allows a user to present the column entry in a single-line format: select the check box if you do not want to wrap the column entry into several lines.


Restrict access right by role

This property allows a user to restrict access to a column. Select the check box if you want to grant specific access rights to various user roles. Use drop-down lists that will appear below the check box to define an appropriate access right for each user role.

* - required property.

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