Reference Columns

Records stored in different tables can be connected with each other. For example, you can select in the Projects table a Client Name value stored in the Clients table. TeamDesk allows a user to relate records of one table to records of another table by reference columns. Reference columns are a simple way to create relations between tables.

When you edit reference column settings, in addition to the general properties, you can see the following reference column options:

The Single-Reference column comprises the Single-Reference Options:

The Multi-Reference column comprises the Multi-Reference Options:

Single/Multi- Reference Options

Column Property


Reference To

This option displays the reference table that is the master table where the dropdown records will be chosen from.

Link Table

The Link Table is an intermediate table, where the linked records are stored. The Link Table is created automatically, when the Multi-Reference column is added.

Proxy Column

Use the Proxy Column to specify that another field containing more accurate description should look and act like the reference field when you view a record data on the View Form .

By default the Name column of the reference table (master table) is specified as the Proxy Column. Therefore, when a reference column is created, the Lookup column referring to this Proxy Column is created automatically. Let’s call this lookup ‘Proxy Lookup’. So, in the most of cases, after a reference column creation you get two new columns: one ‘reference’ and one ‘lookup’ (proxy lookup).

Record Picker

Use the Record Picker to specify the way how master table records should be displayed, when you edit a reference column on the Edit form.

You can override the default record picker and set specific options for the master records selection in a reference column. Just activate the Override default record picker option in the reference column settings. For instance:

In this example the record picker works this way:

A reference column always participates in relation, therefore if you adjusted the Override default record picker options in the reference column settings, the same options will be displayed in the corresponding relation and vice versa.

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